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Ted Cruz retracts comments on the January 6th Capitol riot where he labelled it a ‘despicable terrorist attack’ calling for those involved to be prosecuted

Republican Senator Ted Cruz retracted comments he made on the January 6th Capitol riots, where he labelled it a “despicable act of terrorism and a shocking assault on our democratic system. The Department of Justice should vigorously prosecute everyone who was involved in these brazen acts of violence.”

Cruz repeatedly reasserted his opinion on the January 6th attacks throughout the previous year, calling it a despicable terrorist attack and calling those involved to be prosecuted.


This Wednesday January 5th, just one day before he retracted his comments, Cruz once again labelled the January 6th riot as a terrorist attack on the US Capitol. He said: “We are approaching a solemn anniversary this week. And it is an anniversary of a violent terrorist attack on the Capitol.”

On Thursday night, Cruz appeared on Fox News’s Tucker Carlson’s show, where he was lambasted by Carlson for the comments he made and calling the January 6th riots a “violent terrorist attack on the Capitol”. The intense exchange between Cruz and Carlson resulted in Cruz retracting his comments, and going as far as labelling them “sloppy” and “frankly dumb”.

However, Carlson didn’t accept Cruz’s response, arguing that the Capitol riots was not a violent terrorist attack. Carlson questioned: “You told that lie on purpose, and I’m wondering why you did?”


Cruz, who is a potential 2024 candidate for the GOP, further attempted to defend himself. He said: “What I was referring to are the limited number of people who engaged in violent attacks against police officers. I think you and I both agree that if you assault a police officer, you should go to jail,” Cruz said. “I wasn’t saying the thousands of peaceful protesters supporting Donald Trump are somehow terrorists. I wasn’t saying the millions of patriots across the country supporting Trump are terrorists.”

Carlson fired back at Cruz once again, accusing the Texas Senator of buying into the Democratic Party narrative, saying “what you just said doesn’t make sense.”

Cruz then quickly attempted to intervene once more, reminding Carlson that Cruz was one of the Republican Senators who objected to the 2020 presidential election results. Cruz said: “So of course, it would be ridiculous for me to be saying that the people standing up and protesting to follow the law were somehow terrorists. I was talking about people who commit violence against cops.”

“That being said, Tucker, I agree with you. It was a mistake to say that yesterday, and the reason is what you just said, which is we have now had a year of Democrats and the media twisting words and trying to say that all of us are terrorists. Trying to say you are a terrorist, I am a terrorist.”

Carlson ended the exchange by saying: “I guess I just don’t believe you, and I mean that with respect.”

Dick Cheney criticises Republican Party leadership, expressing concerns over the party’s dealing of Capitol riots

Cruz’s comments come just as former Vice-President Dick Cheney criticised the Republican Party over its leadership and its dealing of the the Capitol riots that occurred on January 6th, 2020.

Cheney came to Congress on the one year anniversary of the riots to commemorate the attacks, and spoke to reporters on his opinions of the Capitol attacks and his position on what the Republican Party currently stands for.

Cheney said: “It’s not leadership that resembles any of the folks I knew when I was here for 10 years. I’m deeply disappointed we don’t have better leadership in the Republican Party to restore the Constitution.”

The former Vice-President’s daughter – Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney – is the leading, and one of the only, voices within the Republican Party urging the GOP to condemn the events that occurred on January 6th 2020, and also the role former President Donald Trump played in the events which unfolded.

There is great concern within the Republican Party that many conservative politicians agree with Cheney’s outlook on the Capitol riots, and President’s Trump’s contribution to the events. However, a lot of these elected officials are concerned to speak out publicly, due to the potential of Donald Trump to run for office once again in 2024.

Sen. Mitch McConnell said on the Senate floor after the riots, saying: “Former President Trump’s actions preceding the riot were a disgraceful dereliction of duty. There is no question that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of that day. The people who stormed this building believed they were acting on the wishes and instructions of their President.”

Just one week after the Capitol riots, Rep. Kevin McCarthy gave a similar verdict, saying: “The president bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by mob rioters. He should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding. These facts require immediate action by President Trump.”

In the year since these leading Republicans made these comments, McConnell has gone silent on Donald Trump, while McCarthy has similarly stopped speaking about Trump and the January 6th riots. The majority of the Republican Party has generally followed suit, concerned about their positions over the possibility of Trump running once again in 2024, and being subject to a scathing attack and subsequently losing power.

The GOP leaders remained absent from the Capitol on Thursday, with the House out of session and a number of Republicans travelling to Georgia to attend the funeral of Sen. Johnny Isakson.

The GOP’s silent approach to the January 6th anniversary illustrates that Republicans are battling with expressing opinions about the Capitol riots, but also considering their own position within the GOP should Donald Trump run in 2024, considering Trump remains the most powerful force in the party.

The majority of Republicans are focusing on the next election, rather than relitigate 2020 and the events that occurred at the US Capitol.

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