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Students warned that lecturers may call security if masks aren’t worn in class

University College Cork (UCC) has warned students that lecturers may call security to forcibly remove students from class who refuse to wear a mask.

Lecturers will initially ask the student to leave before calling security and may cancel the lecture, which will not be repeated, if security does not show up in a timely manner.


Any student who is involved with an incident of this nature will be invited to meet the Dean and may possibly be referred to Campus Watch or the university’s student discipline committee for violating student rules.

It has been noted that lanyards will be made available to those with a medical exemption.

This is one of the many measures that is being taken by Irish universities as they reopen for the first time since the start of the pandemic.


The wearing of facial coverings in lecture halls is mandatory across all Irish universities, however, the approach taken in regards to mask exemptions and those who refuse to wear one will differ from college to college.

Trinity College Dublin stated that students who attend classes without a mask will be asked to leave the lecture or else it will not proceed.

Maynooth University has asked students to provide confirmation from a GP or consultant if they are medically unable to wear a mask.

Similar rules apply to other universities across the country.

In University College Dublin (UCD), the wearing of face coverings in all public places is mandatory, however, the college didn’t state if a specific policy was in place to enforce the wearing of face masks.

A guidance document from Dublin City University (DCU) explained that staff should wear face masks at most times but suggested that there were other instances when students could remove them, including medical reasons.

Staff will not be expected to police mask-wearing but should encourage it.

IMAGE – “Delaware National Guard” by The National Guard is licensed under CC BY 2.0/Pixabay


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