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Best man told to leave wedding following risky joke

Some say that the best man at a wedding has the hardest job of them all.

After all, he has to make all the friends and family that are present at the event laugh at his speech.


Let’s face it, standing up in front of a group of people to deliver a serious speech is already difficult enough, but when comedy isn’t your strongpoint, the best man speech is extremely daunting.

One story, which was shared on Reddit, is on the subject of every best man’s worst nightmare, not making the guests laugh and taking it that extra bit forward to actually being asked to leave.

This particular best man told a joke which catastrophically backfired on him after he decided to wing the speech and come up with something on the spot, which I think we can all agree was not a smart idea.


He explains how he had practiced learning his speech off by heart beforehand but struggled to come up with anything about the bridesmaids as he didn’t know them, which led to him ditching the original speech and pursuing a more on-the-spot one.

After sensing that the speech went well, he finished with, “Bridesmaids, I am a bit short of time here and I don’t really know you all so I’d just like to say that five out of six of you look stunning today… figure it out amongst yourselves”.

Thinking that the joke would have caused the room to erupt in laughter, he was met with a room that erupted in outrage and even tears, but not the tears of joy generally associated with weddings.

“One of them started crying and I didn’t actually mean any of them, it was literally just nonsense. When I went to apologise, with out sounding mean, I realised that she isn’t actually that good looking and was significantly less beautiful than the other bridesmaids.”

Following the speech, the bride said “I think it’s best you leave” while the groom nodded behind her.

He then went to Facebook to express his apology, with a photographer replying to the post with, “As a wedding photographer, I feel this one. Big time. I have seen some terrible best man speeches in my 400+ weddings, but if I had heard this speech, it would have been my top two or three worst ones ever.”


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