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POLL: Should climate change prompt more serious discussion following recent extreme weather events?

With temperatures soaring to 30C in Ireland this summer, along with Canada being subject to an extreme heatwave that nearly topped 50C, as well as extreme floods raging through Germany, many people have been left uncertain as to what the definitive cause behind these recent extreme weather events is.

Public speculation and climate scientists have their own answer to these recent events, and that answer is climate change.


However, certain scientists have urged people to not jump to their own conclusions right away while stating that further research is required before any conclusion can be made on the cause behind these recent events.

It’s no secret that one of the main effects of climate change is extreme rainfall and rising temperatures, and as extreme rainfall was the predominant cause behind Germany’s deadly floods, it’s hard to not at least consider climate change as a factor.

An Ipsos poll revealed that 49% of Canadians felt more strongly about the urgency to fight climate change following the recent heatwave and wildfires in the country, while four in 10 stated that their opinion had not changed.


In Ireland, a country notorious for its tan-destroying weather, to experience a heatwave to the extremes that we did is a rare sight but does that mean climate change is solely responsible or is there other factors that have not yet been considered?

The fact of the matter is that we simply just don’t know what the actual explanation is behind these events and although climate change is probable, more research will still be required.

With all things considered, do you think climate change should prompt more serious discussion following recent extreme weather events?

Should climate change prompt more serious discussion following recent extreme weather events?
96 answers


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