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Saturday, September 25, 2021

OPINION: Donald J. Trump was the product of a substantial share of the US population, banning/silencing him on social media may lead to the rise of a much worse Führer

American society has undergone and been inflicted by immense fractures throughout the past century. Most of these divides have been as a result of racial and ethnic segregation, as well as the very real divide between socialism and capitalism, government interference and freedom of the people. For many around the globe, with thanks to the 24/7 news cycle of news channels, but most notably the rapid news cycle of social media websites, the fractures which are evident within the US in recent times are easily chalked down to Donald Trump “brainwashing” his followers, ultimately viewing Donald Trump as the prime domino in these extreme factions. However, silencing Donald Trump on social media websites may indeed have the exact opposite effect on calming tensions within the US.

Government interference, a complete distrust in the media and protecting freedom of speech were all key aspects to why tens of millions of Americans voted Donald Trump into power. Social media companies silencing him will very likely further infuriate his supporters and those who share his views of what America should be. As the new Democratic administration takes hold and settles in, it is probable that more social liberal policies will be suggested and implemented, hence further infuriating the tens of millions of Americans who made up Donald Trumps base, against these very policies.


The aura of Joe Biden breathes a desire to calm the escalating tensions within the US at the moment, and ultimately bring Americans together as one. This is something which, as outsiders, most people will feel the US needs now, having recently viewed the horrendous riots at the Capitol, as well as the sad scenes of D.C ahead of the Biden inauguration. Calming the bitterness, resentfulness and hatred within the people in America is essential going forward to reclaim democracy as it should be practiced.

However, the feelings within Donald Trumps voter base are still there, and will remain for some time. These tens of millions of Americans continue to hold their beliefs on government interference, the Second Amendment and their view of what America should be. The attempt to silence Trump by social media companies, as well as establishment politicians, will further infuriate and inspire the large voter base. This may ultimately give an extreme Republican candidate in 2024, or possibly 2028, who is rallying off the same principles of Trump, or maybe even more extreme, a strong chance to pick up Trumps voter base once again.

Joe Biden is attempting to heal the wounds, to bring Americans together as one. This should be the approach taken now… to listen to each other, and try to understand each other. Democracy is an essential pillar to a functioning society, something which must be nourished and respected. The focus should be on bringing people together… not resenting, ignoring and slandering people.


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