UK has given assurance there is no block of Covid-19 funding to Northern Ireland – Coveney

Simon Coveney has said that he has been assured by Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis that there is no blockage of Covid-19 funding from the British government to Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland’s Covid-19 situation has deteriorated rapidly over the past few weeks, edging closer to 1,000 cases per day.

Coveney said that he was told by Brandon Lewis that “finance from London shouldn’t be a problem”. 

“What he is saying is that the British government has already made significant funding available to the Executive specifically for Covid in Northern Ireland and the response there,” Coveney said.

“I’d like to speak to some of the senior politicians in Northern Ireland today to establish exactly what is the blockage there, because certainly Brandon Lewis, the Secretary of State, was very clear with me yesterday that funding should not be the blockage,” he continued.


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