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OPINION: Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis is a huge gamble which will pay off in spades, or be detrimental to his re-election

“We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China, and we have it under control. It’s going to be just fine.” – President Trump January, 22nd

It seems like an eternity ago since we first heard news early in the year that the new virus from Wuhan was causing havoc and detrimental effects to Italy, with doctors and health officials having to choose who to save, and who to leave. The rapid spread continued throughout Europe and ultimately the United States. Fear and worry began to fill the minds of people throughout the world, wondering is this 1918 all over again?


The Trump administration quickly embarked on a campaign of disregarding the significance of the newly named ‘Covid-19’, downplaying its overall effects, actively encouraging Americans to continue with their daily lives and ultimately disputing the necessity of wearing a face covering. This campaign was largely targeted to the many people who are opposed to government interference, strongly abide by the constitution and who ultimately fill up his large voter base.

It’s now nine months later, and the President has just been diagnosed with Covid-19, with the 2020 Presidential elections just weeks away, what does this mean for Donald Trump’s re-election chances?

One of two things will happen….


The timeframe between day 7 and 10 following a Covid-19 infection is the critical period in determining the effect the virus will have on a patient. It is unclear to what exact day the President was first infected by the virus, however it is understood that he has yet to enter this critical period of the virus, albeit rapidly approaching. The rapid critical deterioration which has happened to hundreds of thousands of Americans, as well as over one million worldwide, resulting in patients being admitted to ICU, would be a devastating blow to Donald Trump’s re-election hopes. The man who an abundance of Americans placed their faith in as a strong and authoritative leader would now be weak, and above all, human.

However, what if Trump doesn’t become critically ill from Covid-19, and continues in good health?

Simultaneously, all recent indications from his doctors, as well as his video updates show the President is in overall good health. If Trump continues on this current trajectory of not being physically or critically ill from Covid-19, suddenly he was right all along, “The fake news media and their partner, the Democrat Party” were just doing everything in their power to inflame the Covid-19 situation. He would be viewed as invincible, and most importantly, he would be viewed as being right to downplay the significance of the virus, being opposed to locking down the nation, and ultimately be an even stronger leader to his large voter base.

Overall, Donald Trump being infected by Covid-19 is a massive gamble, in which neither the Democratic Party, or the Republican Party would have wanted to buy into. This week will ultimately determine whether the gamble will pay off in spades for the Trump administration, or be a massive blow to their re-election hopes.


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