High Court rules against Ryanair, finding state travel advice was legal

The High Court has ruled against Ryanair in its challenge to the State’s Covid-19 travel advice.

In its action Ryanair claimed the measures, which the airline said amount to “international travel restrictions”, were unlawful and amounted to a disproportionate interference of it and its passengers’ rights.

The airline sought various orders and declarations including one setting aside measures announced in late July.

The State had argued that the measures announced were not mandatory but advisory in nature and do not impose a legal restriction on travel in and out of the country. It also claimed that Ryanair had no legal basis to bring its challenge against the measures and that the courts cannot intervene with this advice.

In his judgement today Mr. Justice Garrett Simons found that the government acted lawfully in providing travel advice and public health advice in respect of the coronavirus pandemic on a non-statutory basis.


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