Supreme Court receives report on Seamus Woulfe’s attendance at Oireachtas golf event

A copy of the report, involving Mr Justice Seamus Woulfe’s attendance at the Oireachtas Golf Society event in Galway last month, has been delivered to the Supreme Court.

The copy, which was delivered by former Chief Justice Susan Denham, has been made available to Mr Woulfe.

Seamus Woulfe, who is a judge at the Supreme Court, was one of the 81 people who attended the controversial event.

Stating that he was under the impression that the organisers of the event had made sure that health regulations would be met, Mr Woulfe has expressed his regret in attending the event.

Mr Woulfe was the Attorney General when health regulations, which involved the maximum limit of 50 people at indoor events, was drafted and introduced.

Last month, The Supreme Court asked Ms Justice Denham to consider and answer three questions in the report:

  1. Should Mr Woulfe have accepted the invitation to the dinner?

2.Should he have left when he saw the situation at the hotel

3. Should he have attended the golf event without attending the dinner?


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