UCC Students’ Union to go ahead with Freshers’ Week plans

The Students’ Union of University College Cork has stated that it will not be cancelling plans for Freshers’ Week.

Beth O’Reilly, who is the SU Commercial and Fundraising Officer, stated that even if all the events were cancelled this year, it would not prevent house parties from going ahead.

Local residents have contacted Ms O’Reilly to cancel the freshers’ events, which are all online, in the interests of public health.

She added that the university needs to provide a way for students to reach out and meet new friends, but will still be urged to stay home and stay safe.

Catherine Clancy, Chair of the Residents Association, responded to Ms O’Reilly’s statement, saying that it was not good enough, “We witnessed it last night. There is no such thing as a virtual Freshers’ Week, or a virtual queue outside our local shop, or students ‘virtually’ passing us with slabs of beer in their arms, it is very real for us.”


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