Former Vita Cortex workers call for government to help resolve Debenhams dispute

Following 161 days of protests staged outside Debenhams on Patrick Street, Cork, former Vita Cortex workers have called on the government to help resolve the dispute over redundancy payments for Debenhams workers.

The former Vita Cortex workers stated that they never thought that they would see a protest like this in the city again, as they staged a five-month sit-in at the company’s Cork plant following a row over redundancy payments back in 2012.

They joined former Debenhams workers at the protests today and stated that when they finished their protests back in 2012, they were promised that there would be some sort of legislation so that this would never happen again.

Mandate shop steward Valerie Conlon stated, “They (the government) are saying they really feel sorry for us but they are doing nothing. They say there is no money there, that we are different to Clery’s. There is money there, they can pay our redundancy and then go after England for their money but they won’t do it.”

She added that their demands remain the same, which is two weeks pay per year of service in addition to their statutory redundancy entitlements of two weeks’ pay per year.