Policing Authority criticises the use of anti-spit hoods by gardaí

The Policing Authority has criticised the use of anti-spit hoods by gardaí following a report published today on Covid-19 policing.

In the report, it reiterated its opposition to the use of anti-spit hoods and in particular its use on vulnerable individuals, to what they described as a concern.

Since April, there has been 192 incidents of spitting or coughing at gardaí, with 48 of them since July.

The Policing Authority stated that the welfare of gardaí is a priority but that there is no evidence to show that anti-spit hoods can provide protection to them.

This statement was made following information sent to the Policing Authority by distributors who said that the anti-spit hoods have not been tested in their ability to prevent respiratory or airborne droplets, which is a particular concern in regards to the spreading of Covid-19.

There is a human right aspect that the authority also considered in regards to anti-spit hoods, as they can have a negative impact on the right to physical, moral and psychological integrity.

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