CAO data shows points have risen in almost three quarters of degree courses

For almost three quarters of degree and Level 8 courses, there has been quite a significant rise in points according to CAO data.

For Level 7/6 courses, there has been an overall 60% increase in points over the last year.

Courses that lead to quite specific career paths such as Dentistry, Physiotherapy and Veterinary Medicine are among the courses that have seen the largest points increase.

For Nursing, the points have risen by 36 in Trinity College Dublin, 40 in DCU and 31 for UCD.

For Physiotherapy, the points have increased by 24 in RCSI, Trinity College Dublin and University of Limerick, and UCD’s Physiotherapy course has seen and increase of 30 points.

Dentistry has risen by 23 points at UCC, and the same for Dental Science at Trinity College Dublin.

DCU’s main Primary Teaching course is up by 26 points.

These are only some of the many courses that have seen significant rises in points with courses in many fields seeing large point increases.

One of the biggest rise of them all was Drama and Theatre Studies at Trinity College Dublin which rose by 69 points to 564 to which the hit TV series ‘Normal people’ is believed to be responsible for.