People ‘will have to go to pubs in small groups’ if and when they reopen – Professor Philip Nolan

Professor Philip Nolan has said that restrictions on indoor gatherings “will be with us for some considerable time” and that people will have to attend pubs in small numbers heading into winter – if and when they reopen.

Nolan said that it is too early to say if recent restrictions permitting 6 people to gather indoors and 15 people outdoors has reduced transmission of Covid-19 but that he is “cautiously optimistic”.

However, he warned that despite a stable number of daily cases since 19th August, “it needs to be lower” and cautioned that the public will need to adhere to these restrictions in the months ahead.

“This is honestly the way we’re going to need to behave coming into the winter. If and when pubs reopen we’re going to have to go to the pub in small groups and each of our small groups are going to have to remain separate,” he concluded.


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