Sale of alcohol in off-licenses should be restricted if facing another lockdown – Vintners’ Federation

The CEO of the Vintners’ Federation of Ireland (VFI) has said restrictions on the sale of alcohol should be considered if clusters of Covid-19 are being traced back to house parties and gatherings.

Padraig Cribben, Chief Executive of the VFI, which represents 4,000 publicans across the country, said restrictions on the sale of alcohol from off licences and supermarkets should be considered if the country has to enter another lockdown.

Cribben said illegal shebeens have been “cropping up in sheds, in houses” selling alcohol.

“You’ve got to do one of two things in relation to that. You’ve got to either bring in the minimum unit pricing, that’s already on our statute books … that’s one option,” Cribben stated.

“The second option, which is a lot less palatable maybe for a lot of people, is that if we’re in such a bind, if the numbers are increasing at such a rate what we actually need to do is look at whether we should take a period of three weeks and actually stop the sale of alcohol in off licences for that period.”


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