Quiet Riot drummer ‘Frankie Banali’ dies aged 68 following cancer battle

Frankie Banali, drummer of the heavy metal band ‘Quiet Riot’, has died following a battle with pancreatic cancer.

The legendary drummer died on Thursday at his LA home according to his family.

His wife ‘Regina’ stated that “He put up an inspiringly brave and courageous 16-month battle to the end and continued playing live as long as he could,”.

Banali joined Quiet Riot in 1982 and served as the band’s manager from 1994.

Their 1983 album ‘Metal Health’ became the first heavy metal album to top the Billboard charts.

As well as playing drums for the heavy metal band ‘W.A.S.P’, Banali was also inducted into the Hall of Heavy Metal History in 2017.

He is survived by his wife Regina and his 23-year-old daughter Ashley.