National hospital waiting list numbers surpass 819,000 for the first time

For the first time, the national hospital waiting list has exceeded 819,000.

Of the 819,037 people, 601,300 are waiting to be seen at an outpatient clinic.

The National Treatment Purchase Fund published the figures for the end of July this evening.

At the end of June, there was a total of 802,300 people on waiting lists.

Waiting lists were already over 700,000 before Covid-19 but it has contributed to the numbers growing.

In relation to the growing numbers, the Irish Hospital Consultants Association (IHCA) stated that they “are not simply a result of Covid-19 but demonstrate the impact of years of consultant shortages and underinvestment in capacity across the health system”.

The IHCA added that on a population basis, Ireland has 41% less medical specialists than the EU average.

As well as this, Ireland has one third to a half of the number in some specialities.

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