Dublin criminal who fired machine gun on the streets of Ballymun has been jailed

Notorious criminal ‘Derek Devoy’ (37) has been jailed for 17 years with the final two suspended after firing a machine gun on the streets of Ballymun.

After being detained by three unarmed gardaí, one of whom was nearly shot in the head, it was discovered that Derek had a hand grenade in his possession as well.

Derek’s brother ‘Michael’ was shot dead in 2014 in a gang-related hit.

Known as ‘Bottler Devoy’, his rampage is believed to have been caused by a breakdown that was triggered by the death of his sister ‘Antoinette Corbally’, who was shot dead on 2017 along with Derek’s friend ‘Clinton Shannon’, by a hit team.

Derek described his guilt as the “straw that broke the camel’s back in one sense”.

The three gardaí chased Derek into a house before restraining him inside the bathroom, where Garda Niall Minnock was nearly shot dead.

The grenade was discovered with the pin removed after Derek was restrained but for some reason it did not go off.

The back of the house, belonging to an innocent family, was destroyed after the Army Bomb Disposal Team detonated the grenade.

The three gardaí, Sgt Andrew O’Connor, Garda Conor Garland and Garda Niall Minnock were commended for their bravery by the Lord Mayor of Dublin.


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