INTRA: The 9 O’Clock Highlights


Garda dies following fatal shooting in Roscommon: A garda detective identified as Colm Horkan has died after he was shot dead in Roscommon.

Number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Irish hospitals down to 50: Ireland’s Covid-19 confirmed cases now stands at 50 as cases continue to reduce.

COVID-19: Sweden’s death toll exceeds 5,000: Out of 54,562 confirmed Covid-19 cases, Sweden has reported 5,041 deaths.

Cork patient discharged following 79 days in ICU: Mary Sullivan has been discharged from ICU after spending 79 days on life support following respiratory failure from Covid-19.

COVID-19: 16 new confirmed cases and 4 reported deaths in Ireland: The Department of Health has reported 16 new confirmed Covid-19 cases along with four deaths.