INTRA: The 9 O’Clock Highlights


Over 1,000 flights cancelled to and from Beijing aiming to halt Covid-19 spread: The new coronavirus outbreak in Beijing has lead to the cancellation of 60% of commercial flights in and out of the city.

Social distancing rules may change for restaurants and pubs when they reopen later this month: Social distancing may be reduced to one metre for restaurants and pubs providing the length of stay is 90 minutes.

Trials on drug for treating Covid-19 patients has been described as “a really good breakthrough”: Dexamethasone has proven to be a promising drug in treating Covid-19 patients.

A teenager has died following an incident off Antrim coast: A young man has died after getting into difficultly while swimming off Antrim coast.

COVID-19: 8 new confirmed cases and 3 further deaths reported in Ireland: The Department of Health has reported eight new confirmed Covid-19 cases with three further deaths in Ireland.