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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

QUIZ: The INTRA-TV Quiz – Week 4

Let’s go…

What car does Monica's dad give her in 'Friends'?

Correct! Wrong!

Which year was Breaking Bad first aired?

Correct! Wrong!

Where is Gloria from in 'Modern Family'?

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What is Ross's occupation in 'Friends'?

Correct! Wrong!

What nickname does Jesse give to the RV he uses with Walt to cook meth?

Correct! Wrong!

Cilian Murphy and Tom Hardy have starred in three films together: Inception, Dark Knight Rises and........?

Correct! Wrong!

Who is Holden Ford's girlfriend and a post-graduate student at University of Virginia in 'Mindhunter'?

Correct! Wrong!

What is Chandler's middle-name in 'Friends'?

Correct! Wrong!

What is the name of the famous author of the book Hank reads to discover Walt’s true identity in 'Breaking Bad'?

Correct! Wrong!

What is the official name of the Peaky Blinders’ family business?

Correct! Wrong!

The INTRA-TV Quiz - Week 4

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US FDA states Johnson and Johnson vaccine highly effective against severe Covid-19

The Johnson and Johnson vaccine has shown to be highly effective against severe Covid-19

Government may reject €9 substantial meal rule for pubs this year

A €9 substantial meal may not be a requirement for pub-goers this year

COVID-19: 574 new confirmed cases in Ireland

Health officials have confirmed a further 574 cases of Covid-19 in Ireland. Fifty-six further people diagnosed with the virus...

Gardaí arrest seven people following reopening of hair salon in Balbriggan

Gardaí have arrested seven people after a hair salon in Balbriggan opened up in defiance of Covid-19 lockdown rules.
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