Man jailed for three years for the circumcision of an infant

25/10/2013...WEB....ARCHIVE...STOCK...GENERAL VIEW.. Signage / symbol of justice - at the Criminal Courts of Justice at Parkgate Street in Dublin. Photograph:Frank Miller /The Irish Times

Philip Ogbewe has been sentenced to three years in jail for the “shocking and unacceptable medical circumcision” of a 10-month-old infant.

The 55-year-old Nigerian pretended to be a doctor to the infant’s mother and said that he would perform the circumcision for €200.

Philip Ogbewe (55)

The infant was hospitalised for two weeks following the botched procedure.

Mr Ogbewe was sentenced at Longford Circuit Criminal Court and was handed down his sentence by Judge Keenan Johnston, who described the procedure as “extremely serious and dangerous”.

He was sentenced to four years with the final year suspended on the basis that Ogbewe keeps the peace for ten years.