Anti-viral drug ‘Remdesivir’ effective against coronavirus – NIAID


Anti-viral drug remdesivir cuts recovery times in coronavirus patients, according to the full results of a trial published last night, three weeks after the US’s top infectious diseases expert said the study showed the medication has “clear-cut” benefits.

Complete results from the research, which was carried out by US government agency the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), were published by leading medical periodical the New England Journal of Medicine.

The United States authorised the emergency use of remdesivir in hospitals on 1st May, followed by Japan, while Europe is considering following suit.

The study found that remdesivir, injected intravenously daily for ten days, accelerated the recovery of hospitalised Covid-19 patients compared to a placebo in clinical tests on just over 1,000 patients across ten countries.