DAA have stated that they may need 1,000 redundancies due to Covid-19


Up to 1,000 voluntary redundancies and other cost reductions may be needed according to DAA.

This is due to the collapse in passenger numbers from Covid-19.

Chief Executive Officer ‘Dalton Philips’ made a memo to his staff stating that passenger numbers are down 99% and that a throughput of 21 million passengers is only expected next year.

This is down from 33 million in Dublin and 2.6 million in Cork.

Mr Philips added that when Dublin and Cork airports operated with this amount of passengers, the company had 750 to 1,000 less employees.

According to Mr Philips, the company is “significantly over-resourced” for their current passenger throughput.

Possible alternatives such as career breaks and reduced hours may be available as the company wishes to safeguard as many jobs as possible.