Scouting Ireland report reveals a cover up and a failure to report


A report published by child protection consultant ‘Ian Elliot’ has revealed that there was a cover up and a failure to report in relation to the past cases of abuse in Scouting Ireland.

Over the last 70 years, there were 212 known and alleged perpetrators and 317 alleged victims.

Scouting Ireland CEO ‘Anne Griffin’ commented on the findings, stating that they were “deeply shocking and deeply distressing”.

Ian Elliot’s report was heavily critical of the organisation’s governance.

Elliot stated “A characteristic of the poor governance that existed in scouting was the existence of a culture driven by self-interest, with little attention paid to the young people involved,” Elliott concluded”.

The report added that “individuals, who were suspected or known to be sex offenders, gained positions of power and became largely impregnable”.