Virus must be weak for roadmap to succeed – Harris


The Minister for Health has said Covid-19 must be made as weak as possible before 18th May, to give the roadmap for the easing of restrictions the greatest chance of success.

Simon Harris said we are “now beginning to see a situation where the figures are somewhat stabilising” but he said the efforts must continue to suppress the virus.

He said there are “new cases every single day but we have seen, I think, 13 days in a row where the rate of growth of new cases has been 2% or less”.

Mr Harris said while the Irish people are making massive efforts, “we do need to be very, very careful that it doesn’t in anyway give us an indication that we don’t need to keep at it, in terms of the public health measures”.

He warned: “In about 10 days’ time, we hope to be in a position to press go on our roadmap, and ease some of those restrictions but those 10 days do count.”