Multiple businesses collaborate to manufacture 3,000 gowns to Offaly hospital


Midland Regional Hospital in Tullamore has received 3,000 disposable gowns from a group of Offaly-based businessmen.

The hospital’s Quality and Patient Safety Manager ‘Brendan Reddy’ stated that PPE for frontline staff was critically low beforehand.

Merv Colton who runs a kitchen design company called ‘Age-Tek Design’ got in contact with a seamstress ‘Doris Healion’ and manufactured gowns from roofing fabric.

The roofing material was supplied by Tullamore Hardware, D and S Hardware and Armstrong Timber.

Midland Sacks and Covers, based near Clara, manufactured the gowns with the assistance of Masita Sportswear, based in Meath, and Ardee Coach Trim, based in Louth.

The Irish Photo Rally group helped with the transportation of the materials with over 1,200 volunteer bikers.

Mr Colton stated “We have proved it can be done with a bit of innovative thinking and it could provide the perfect answer to the critical shortage of PPE for our frontline workers who are risking their lives every time they go to work”.