Rachel Allen’s son ‘Joshua Allen’ jailed for 15 months over drug dealing

25/10/2013...WEB....ARCHIVE...STOCK...GENERAL VIEW.. Signage / symbol of justice - at the Criminal Courts of Justice at Parkgate Street in Dublin. Photograph:Frank Miller /The Irish Times

Joshua Allen (19) has been jailed for 15 months with another 15 months suspended for drug dealing and drug possession.

He was convicted at the Circuit Criminal Court in Cork.

He pleaded guilty to selling or supplying over €22,000 worth of cannabis as well as being in possession of a small amount of cocaine.

He is the eldest son of celebrity chef ‘Rachel Allen’.

He received treatment at a rehabilitation centre last year for drug addiction.

The court heard that he had done well in rehab and that it prevented a more severe sentence for him.

-Sam Fitzsimons