Couple sentenced over female genital mutilation of child

25/10/2013...WEB....ARCHIVE...STOCK...GENERAL VIEW.. Signage / symbol of justice - at the Criminal Courts of Justice at Parkgate Street in Dublin. Photograph:Frank Miller /The Irish Times

An African couple have been sentenced to five and a half years, and four years and nine months for the female genital mutilation of their 21-month-old daughter.

They both pleaded not guilty. It was not argued by the state however, that the couple had carried out the act themselves but that they had “aided and abetted, counselled or procured” it.

Their claim that their child fell backwards into a toy without a nappy was denied by Dr Sinéad Harry who stated that her injuries were not consistent with the claim.

Paediatric surgeon Sri Paran stated that her injuries did not appear accidental.

A deportation order is in place for the man and is under appeal.

-Sam Fitzsimons