Charlie Flanagan ‘shocked by nastiness and vitriol’ he received over RIC commemoration


Minister Charlie Flanagan has said he was shocked by the “nastiness and vitriol” he received as a result of the planned RIC commemoration.

The government announced yesterday that the commemoration for those who served in the RIC planned for 17th January is to be cancelled and held at a later date.

The decision came after days of criticism, both online and by political opponents.

Speaking to Pat Kenny, Flanagan defended the event but said that it was the right decision to call it off.

He stated that he was shocked by some of the responses he received as result of the controversy.

“Can I just say that I was struck over the last 48 hours at the nastiness, at the vitriol at the emails that I got, the phone calls that I got, you know this is this is far from a programme of reconciliation. I was quite shocked,” he said.

-Noah Harte