Two men charged with the rape of a Donegal teen

25/10/2013...WEB....ARCHIVE...STOCK...GENERAL VIEW.. Signage / symbol of justice - at the Criminal Courts of Justice at Parkgate Street in Dublin. Photograph:Frank Miller /The Irish Times

Boakye Osei (29) and Kelvin Opoku (33) both Ghanaian nationals, have been found guilty for the rape of a Donegal teen back on 2015.

(Boakye Onsei (29) – photograph provided by The Irish Times

She was walking home after having drinks with a friend when two men offered her a lift home.

They took her and her friend back to their apartment for a drink to where the rape took place. She claimed that she was too drunk to give consent. She claimed that the two men took turns at raping her.

Osei stated that no sexual activity took place with the victim despite his semen being found on her underwear. They will remain in custody until the 13th of January.

-Sam Fitzsimons