OPINION: Paper straws need to go


Nearly every fastfood now serves it drinks with paper straws instead of plastic ones. The idea behind this is quite logical obviously, plastic does not break down easily and and is non renewable. However, there surely must be a better alternative than paper, it does not make sense to mix paper and liquid as paper disssovles in the presence of liquid.

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I personally have to remove the paper straw halfway through my drink as it has lost its structure and is literally starting to go softer than my soft drink (pun intended). You are then left with a pathetic tube of paper that is blocked with its own material making it impossible to finish your drink, the only way out of this inconvienience is to remove the lid and drink from the cup.

Is this really what the government expects me to do for the sake of the enviroment, we drink from straws not paper cups, we are not animals we live in a society. Yes, paper can be recycled but have you ever seen a recycling bin at McDonalds? it all goes to waste meaning we must cut down more trees to make more paper straws which does not help the enviroment.

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However, if the sacrafice we must make for a more sustainable future is to use paper straws then I suppose we will just have to suck it up (pardon the pun).

-Sam Fitzsimons