OPINION: Modern horror films are terrible


There was a time when the word “horror” used to send shivers down people’s backs but now it is just a cringy predictable genre. When you think of horror you think of Jason, Freddie, Michael Myres etc…, scary characters in movies that have a scary plot. Horror films have lost the essence of having an original scary storyline.

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Nowadays they resort to cheap jumscares every second of the film just to distract the audience from how boring, unoriginal and thoughtless the storyline really is. Every horror film that I have seen recently just has constant jumpscares which sometimes works but eventually it just starts to get incredibly annoying.

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What is even more annoying is they all pretty much have a little kid that gets possesed, a nun and more kids being possesed. There is no more originality. If you want people to genuinely be scared when watching your film then make sure that the film is actually scary and not a 2 hour film of tension because you are constantly on edge expecting a jumpscare.

-Sam Fitzsimons