OPINION: Strength training is better than bodybuilding


Since the dawn of time we exercised, why do exercise? for obvious reasons, to keep in shape, to stay healthy but most importantly to help us in real life situations when being fit and strong is necessary. Bodybuilding as the name suggests is the art of making your body bigger in terms of muscle mass, strength training is about lifting heavier weights with less volume to be stronger. Both involve lifting weight but why would strength training be better for you?

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Bodybuilding involves eating large amounts of calories that your natural body struggles to burn up in order to build mass, therefore you are adding unnatural excess weight to your skeletal frame. Strength training does not involve as much caloric intake nor does it make your body abnormally large, granted it can mess up your joints but only if done with bad form and lets face it the same priciple applies to bodybuilding.

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Bodybuilding also decreases your cardio as larger muscles require larger amounts of oxygen, combine that with the heavy bodyweight that comes with it and you can forget about walking up the stairs without panting. Running can save your life, having good stamina can save your life, it can save your life in fights as well as running away from danger. bodybuilding makes you look tough but what if you are not? if someone is trying to prove themselves by fighting a big guy then your large muscles have worked against you. Large muscles are similar to the idea of a wall, yes they keep out the average person until someone comes along with the intentions of climbing it, then your wall is useless.

Strength training is a life skill, being strong leaves room for cardio endurance as well as being able to lift heavy objects. You need to be strong not look strong. Heres a way to think about it, your wall may not look as threatening but atleast if someone dares to climb over it there is a gang of gaurd dogs ready to chew you to pieces…

-Sam Fitzsimons