OPINION: Should all street drugs be legalised?


Street drugs are on the rise worldwide, more and more Heroin and Crack addicts are roaming the streets, overdosing and contaminated drugs are causing many to die and the government doesn’t seem to be taking any action in helping these people and addressing the drug epidemic and all the negative social aspects that come with it.

Is legalisng street drugs the answer?

Drugs distributed and regulated by the government would provide clean and pure product with no bulking agents and contaminants. This would prevent overdosing and contaminated related deaths which would reduce the amount of people dying on the streets. The government could also restrict the extraordinary prices current drug dealers ask of the addicts, which would restrict the anti-social behaviour attached to current drug addicts.

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Eliminating the dealers and gangs attached to drugs would restrict the violence and anti social behaviour attached to drug dealing. The gang related attacks in which the world is being suffocated with at the moment would be cut out and deaths would be greatly reduced.Also, young kids being brought up in drug surrounding areas aspire to the drug dealer lifestyle due to the alleged benefits they gain, cutting out the gangs prevent these kids aspiring to be a drug dealer which allows them to better their lives.

Drugs can never be eradicated completely, people will always look for a high… Is it better that the government are the ones who distribute these drugs instead of the drug dealers?

-Noah Harte