Column: I’m getting well sick of it lads


I’ll tell you now, I’m getting well sick of everything, I need a holiday. There’s nothing in particular annoying me, other than the endless cycle of monotony I seem to be stuck in. It’s the same thing every single day. I get up, eat me breakfast, debate whether or not I’ll go to the gym, whether I do or don’t I’ll still rock in to college and get a coffee. Spend an hour or two pricking about, skip a few lectures, finally get to the library and do some work, scroll through Instagram for an hour, complain about how much work I’ve to do and eventually get up and leave.

This is just Monday to Friday; the weekends are worse. Heading in to work every Saturday morning, opening the pub and watching the endless stream of people coming and going from the top of the morning to the end of the day. Now some of them are alright, but the odd time you’ll get a lad in shortly after ten, skulling pints, and come five o’clock you’re starting to understand why his wife left him. Harsh enough I know, but Christ, some of these lads have problems that would mess up a fully qualified shrink, and I’m only a humble barman trying to make some cash to spend on my own beer during the week, I can’t fix whatever’s wrong with you.

It’s not always easy working behind the bar, some of the people that come in are completely incomprehensible, you’d need a degree in translation studies to figure out what they’re jabbering on about, and that’s before they’ve even touched a drink. Others then are scuttered from the night before and you’ve to try and politely turn them away, all the while trying not to cry laughing as they walk into every piece of furniture on the way. It’s a fine art refusing people drink, on the one hand, it’s a bit of a power trip, but at the same time you don’t want a box in the face, some people flip out at the slightest hint of aggression. A lad threw a stool at me once and it wasn’t even me that refused him, terrifying experience in the moment, but hilarious about thirty seconds after he got thrown out the door.

Actually, maybe I’m not sick of everything, I’d much rather be in college everyday than at work, but at the same time the bar work has its perks, at the very least I’m getting a few stories out of it. I guess I’ll carry on as I am for the minute, but I definitely need a holiday, the weather is getting cold as we head into April, it’s almost like God had a really good nap, woke up and forgot what month it was so turned down the temperature on us. Couldn’t blame the lad in fairness, I’ve often woken up from a nap and forgotten what day it is, he just happens to work on a much larger scale than me. So I’ll head off on a holiday soon, off to Nigeria or somewhere where it’s definitely warm out and nobody can find me.

-Daniel Potter