OPINION: Music is not dead


We’ve all heard it before, “back in my day music was made by REAL musicians”. It is very easy to make the mistake that modern music sounds like overproduced rubbish but if you actually search for good music you will find many good bands and musicians and bands such as The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Tame Impala, Catfish and the Bottlemen and many more to mention.

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The radio only plays pop music because that’s what sells. That has nothing to do with today’s music , the distrivution of music is what the problems is not the music itself. There is amazing music and there and amazing acts. The only difference today is that you have to look for it, it is not that difficult to discover since we live in the age of the internet, it just requires a bit of effort to discover in the same way it took a bit of effort to walk to the music store and buy a CD.

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It is not like bad music never existed before now. There are songs from the 80s that I find extremely cringy and unlistenable. Fake drum tracks, fake electric pianos that take any form of seriousness out of a song and some absoloute eejit singing about a girl who ditched him 2 years ago.

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Bad music will always be around but it is just more evident now and more electronic. If musicians had technology today available to them back then they would have done the exact same. Old people during the 70s said the same about the 60s, Old people during the 80s said the same about the 70’s, it is ongoing. I saw a comment the other day on a James Blunt video (that’s right I listen to James Blunt sometimes) that read “back when music was good”, it wasn’t released that long ago and I’m pretty sure there was people complaining about the state of the music industry back then too. Rock and Roll is not dead and great music still exists!!!

-Sam Fitzsimons