OPINION: Are we a bunch of ungrateful troglodytes?

Girl with arms outstretched at sunset on the beach

Last night I listened to my nightly Joe Rogan Podcast. Joe continued to light up his standard big old doobie and began discussing the topic of Gratitude with a man named Ben Anderson.

We can literally go to bed every night without the fear of being bombed, we can get up every morning to a hot shower and fresh food and we can step outside our front door and spend the day doing whatever we want. Why is depression rising?

Generations before us, who were born in war-torn poverty who lived with continuous fear that they may not make it to tomorrow would look at our lives and see it as Eutopia. Is it?

In the Podcast, Ben Anderson spoke about when he came home from his visit to Syria, and the overwhelming feeling of Gratitude he felt for the simple things; sleeping in a comfortable warm bed, having a hot shower and just living in a developed society. Joe continued to speak about how he went to visit Scotland and how there was no sun for two weeks, when he returned to California his gratitude for just standing out in the sun went through the roof.

Is it a case our generation just needs to stop whinging about how difficult there lives are and start being grateful for everything we have. Is it about time we understand that we live in a time when the world is really our Oyster, we can literally do anything we want.

Stop playing the victim… stop complaining… Start being grateful for everything you have.. Start now…

Decide what you want to do in life and just start running.

-Noah Harte