OPINION: Are people destroying their dreams to the system?

Hiker/Climber in Triumphant Pose

All Kids dream big about what they want to be when they grow up… A Footballer, an Astronaut, a Boxer etc. At what point do they pack it in and say they want to be a Teacher? That’s practicality… right? Or is it an excuse to choose an easy walk of life?

In Schools, there is no grounds for Innovation, but how could there be? Schools are run by people who have gone through the very system. Kids with many talents in many different fields are told to get a good Leaving Cert and go to College to get a good job and that will be them set for life. Is this living? Working 40+ hour weeks to just get by. People shouldn’t pack in their jobs and spend the rest of their lives on the social welfare, some people are content working in these jobs.. and thats perfect. However, for the young innovators of our world, for the people who have talents to share with the people, there should be more emphasis and opportunities given to them.

Why are we forcing our young innovators to go through the system? Surely if we give these brilliant minds a platform they will one day create jobs and find better ways to serve the people, in turn making our country better.

Why not be an outlier? You can fail at something in which you don’t want to do, so why not fail at something you do want to do.

Are people destroying their dreams to the system?

-Noah Harte